Screen name/ real name .

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Screen name/ real name .

Post by kiwi » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:44 pm

Just a small request , I have noticed that some members thank a posting ,usually in appreciation for a well thought out post , (I assume ) by their real name and not their screen name . Sometimes I have difficulty working out which post they are thanking .

Maybe they could just put their screen name in brackets after their real name .


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Re: Screen name/ real name .

Post by TheNoBSBuddhist » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:06 am

I find use of real names pointless, if you have adopted a forum name. Vice-versa, similarly.
I don't understand why people go to the trouble of posting an imaginary name, if they then use their own name as a subscript. Might as well simply register in their own name.... is it something to do with Ego, perhaps....? I dunno..... :thinking:

I use one name only: My forum name.
Less complicated.

But that's just my view.

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Re: Screen name/ real name .

Post by sattva » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:08 am

Hi. I agree it can be confusing when you don't know someone's given name. Your idea has merit, kiwi.

TheNoBSBuddhist, as to why and how we become known by both, ---lots of us have been on this forum and the old E-Sangha forum for many years. Over these years, you begin to become more familiar with people. Since I have always been more of a "chat" person and talked one on one with people, you get to know some of them on a more personal level. In the course of my time on Buddhist forums, I have talked on the phone with 8 different people and met 5 people. Also, I have one E-Sangha friend that I exchange emails with on a semi-regular basis. That doesn't even include those I feel like I have come to know from their posts and sharing of pm's over the years.

Yet, I still feel a little cringe when I see my first name in print (Someone outed me [by that I mean used my first name] in a post without thinking anything of it one day). That's been awhile ago. Just today, I posted something and put both my screen and my first name with a slash between them. I had to think on whether to do that. Part of me doesn't like the vulnerability of being out there. If we build up an identity in the everyday world, we also do that in the internet forum world. It is kind of funny, but I bet if I were out somewhere and someone would yell "sattva", I would turn and look. That has become another one of my names. I wonder if you heard someone yelling, "Hey, TheNoBSBuddhist", if you would turn :smile:

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