being nicer on here

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Re: being nicer on here

Post by DNS » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:33 pm

yawares wrote: Dear Ben
Which part of my post
Showed HATE SPEECH..please show me
I really want all members to read and judge me
You're big @DW..I know that you can bring back my post so members can see

May be the truth will help me...again!
yawares :thinking:

Since you asked for it, I will re-post some of your post here so that everyone can see. Since that post was not appropriate and not nice, I don't think it will stay here permanently. The post you made below includes gross generalizations and condescending language. There are gay Buddhists and members here who are gay. No group should be generalized in such a negative way.
yawares wrote:Dear is my other close encounter with the third kind !! :thinking:

My first job as a stewardess with Thai International Airways...once I flew with Adul, a homo who was a son of a powerful polititian..that was why he got the job! He looked ok.. nobody liked to talk to was a short flight to Singapore, all crews stayed at Ladyhill Hotel...Adul happened to get a room next to mine.

Tep told me that Thai gays loved to solicit sex and very aggressive, a few times when he/friends sat in the movie-theatre, gay who sat next to him tried to touch his private part. Tep never likes homo-people!
I think homo-people should never be ordained...most of them are vulgar..they will ruin the temples' reputation. I don't hate them but I sure never want to be friend with them. close encounter with the third kind indeed :jumping:
That post as well as similar ones by you against gays was appropriately met with numerous reports and complaints. That is why we removed it.

What if you met a "vulgar" Latino person? Would you generalize all Latinos as vulgar and refuse to be their friend? This is why generalizations are totally inappropriate, especially when they are negative generalizations.

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Re: being nicer on here

Post by Mr Man » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:54 pm

Seems to me like this is all go rather off topic and is really very ironic.

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Re: being nicer on here

Post by tiltbillings » Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:00 pm

It seems that this thread has run its course.
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