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Re: Thread Starter icon ?

Post by Cittasanto » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:03 pm

equilibrium wrote:Is it possible to have an icon (rectangular shaped with the words "Thread Starter") on a thread?
This icon would only apply to the person who started the actual thread and every time that person posts a response in that thread, there will be an icon say at the top right hand side of his/her responses.

This would allow people to see instantly the OP still has issues/questions needs attention.....this would help to focus on the actual issues rather than responses being off-subject.....equally strong, there is a limit to what the OP can accept as everyone is is especially hard to see who the thread starter is when we are reading a long thread and among these mulitiple pages.....appreciating that when there is a debate thread, this would not apply as it is open to all.

I quite like the idea, but If it was optional (i.e. it could be turned off or on) it may be more useful - if able to be implemented - as there are threads where the OP is not needed to be the main focus of responses such as general interest threads.
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