New guy here!

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New guy here!

Postby André » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:44 pm

Hello there! I'm a bloke from Sweden, 19 years old(in 17 minutes). I discovered the path maybe a month ago, and I've spent a great deal of time reading about the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha through the Internet and the book 'Simple Guides: Theravada Buddhism', which I felt was a good way to get a general understanding of it, and slowly I understand more and more.
For some reason I did not connect with it a few months earlier, when I was doing a project about Buddhism. Oh, I tell you, you would go nuts if you saw just how much I did misinterpret at that time.

I've also done some meditation, though I'm lacking in patience too many times =|(working on it). Anyway, I will probably say the one dumb thing after another here, so please correct me whenever that happens :twothumbsup:

Looking forward to lots of interesting discussions with you!

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Re: New guy here!

Postby BlackBird » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:47 pm

Hey Andre

Glad to have you with us :smile:
Happy Birthday!

"For a disciple who has conviction in the Teacher's message & lives to penetrate it, what accords with the Dhamma is this:
'The Blessed One is the Teacher, I am a disciple. He is the one who knows, not I." - MN. 70 Kitagiri Sutta

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Re: New guy here!

Postby David N. Snyder » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:50 pm


Welcome to Dhamma Wheel!

Happy Birthday too!

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Re: New guy here!

Postby Cittasanto » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:00 pm

hi and Happy Birthday now I suppose
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He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that. His reasons may be good, and no one may have been able to refute them.
But if he is equally unable to refute the reasons on the opposite side, if he does not so much as know what they are, he has no ground for preferring either opinion …
He must be able to hear them from persons who actually believe them … he must know them in their most plausible and persuasive form.
John Stuart Mill

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Re: New guy here!

Postby Ben » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:13 pm

Hi Andre
Welcome to Dhamma Wheel!
Don't worry about saying dumb things. We're all learners here.
And happy birthday to you!
Have a great day!

“No lists of things to be done. The day providential to itself. The hour. There is no later. This is later. All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes.”
- Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Learn this from the waters:
in mountain clefts and chasms,
loud gush the streamlets,
but great rivers flow silently.
- Sutta Nipata 3.725

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Re: New guy here!

Postby André » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:18 pm

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

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Re: New guy here!

Postby retrofuturist » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:57 pm

Greetings André,

Welcome to Dhamma Wheel.


Retro. :)
"Do not force others, including children, by any means whatsoever, to adopt your views, whether by authority, threat, money, propaganda, or even education." - Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh

"The uprooting of identity is seen by the noble ones as pleasurable; but this contradicts what the whole world sees." (Snp 3.12)

"You've got to focus on what's really worthwhile in life, which means resisting a lot of the currents in our culture" (Thanissaro)

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Re: New guy here!

Postby zavk » Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:30 pm

Welcome and Happy Birthday, Andre!
With metta,

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Re: New guy here!

Postby pink_trike » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:44 am

Welcome, and happy b'day!
Vision is Mind
Mind is Empty
Emptiness is Clear Light
Clear Light is Union
Union is Great Bliss

- Dawa Gyaltsen


Disclaimer: I'm a non-religious practitioner of Theravada, Mahayana/Vajrayana, and Tibetan Bon Dzogchen mind-training.

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Re: New guy here!

Postby M.Seiffert » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:40 am

Happy Birthday buddy!! :woohoo:

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Re: New guy here!

Postby Vardali » Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:13 am

Happy Birthday and welcome :)

And we are all trying to learn as good as we can, so you are in good company here :anjali:

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