meeting other people(a gnostic positivist buddhist intro)

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meeting other people(a gnostic positivist buddhist intro)

Post by orangejuicecampfire » Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:28 am

its wierd, meeting other people who are wanti, because we are wanti,
two spirited and we perceive ourselves as both at the center side by
side, but when we meet others like us, we percieve it as one being all
the way on one side, and the other being on the other side. i wonder
if they percieve it as that, for the most part they don't use the same
terminology, winkte, or anything like that, it just is what it is, the
tao, its not really spoken, its just apparent. it might be a curse for
using that term, but we feel its the right thing to do, because it
seems the connection is real, as far as bloodlines that is murky, but
thats not really the paradigm thats being used in reality anyways, it
seems, the historical anthropological documents available on winkte
and two spirited people are largely just psychological insults and
attempts at repression by the culture at large, utilizing techniques
mean to draw folk away from it, focussing on issues of racism, and
general uncool and uniform, unrealistic portrayal, as flat characters
rather than living personable beings. but its okay, though we dont
conform to normal dual gender concepts, we dont see it as a battle so
much as a place to forge the truth, not for an entire group, but just
for us individually, though if it can help others, thats cool. this is
the right way to approach it, and its actually a similar issue as with
many mainstream religions, all of it is first presented in a wounded
healer mode, but its not meant to stay that way, just waiting for the
right energies to be present to be able to revive them truly, to speak
with a self made, gnostic authority, instead of part of a clandestined
tradition of elders, it makes sense now, the ancients are in the now,
we are them something that spontaneously arises and doesnt need to be
taught, but has a non symmetrical parralel correspondence (kind of
like, but never exact) in the history of beings, it comes not from
other people but from the experiences, the spirits of the universe,
the sidhe, manitou, dakini, animas, dryads, the devas, the elementals.
as one peace of the puzzle is revived, the others spring to life as
well and begin to come together, all of them are woven together, but
maintain uniqueness.

im a hippie, but i don't really like modern jam bands, or the grateful
dead, aside from some songs, i dont have the kind of devotion many
fans of those bands do, or just in general, for gatherings, i don't
feel like my place is with small children, though i do have an
imagination and like fairies and magic and things like that, those
kinds of stories. nor with animals in a traditional sense as a c
aretaker, though i like being with them when they are singing or
peacefully frolicking in nature... i like feet but not in the sense of
bondage, just maybe as a metaphor for just being happy with a very raw
form of things, the simpler, the less formulated, or refined maybe,
the better, i like eating wild plants, and earthy psychedelic
experiences, i am a woman, but not a fashion model, i am my own kind
of woman, but i think this means something different to me than the
rest of the world, im okay with that. i have a few friends, but not
that many, though i am pretty nice and i guess people like me. i dont
really understand western religions as presently practiced as least in
the ways i've come across, though sometimes their auras attract me,
the details of them always seem to repel me again.

i guess that makes me more of a solitary witch, though i do
like having people to relate to, and even among groups, its just
lately that has become more difficult, the pull of the status quo
world and mainstream and its general automatic ac
ceptance makes it hard for me to stay with people, because i
try to stay away from those things, without being rigid about it, but
without loosing the essential hominess and uniqueness that is I guess
what makes me indie or drawn to indie musics, gnostic philosophies,
and a nonconformist path.

oh yeah i also like intensely passionate lovemaking too, but its like
a spontaneous thing... its never happened for me in a conventional
way, like the movies.. i guess

and if im actually at a gathering i enjoy it a lot, im just not the
kind of person who goes from gathering to gathering, maybe i would if
i lived in a nomadic band, but i dont, maybe i will become that, or
just be a nomadic loner... but i still dont think ide only go to
gatherings, unless i needed to for something... i dont really know why
i've been here for so long, laziness i supposed, and just negativity
of others, some unfortunate situations also.

i feel like right now im in this situation where, this lady wants to
be my mom, and i would be like her animal child, but its kind of too
cultlike for me, as with all the rainbow family and hippie stuff i've
found through the internet, sadly mostly they've just censored a lot
of my more thoughtful writings, for reasons i don't understand, and
just insisted i join their groups and kind of lose individuality, not
in a spiritual sense but almost like a lobotomy and i'm not for that.

also, because its blatantly not equal with the other human children,
or the actual child who is here... i just don't really fit into this
paradigm once again...

i feel like its been like the internet is all about deception, but a
part of me makes it hard to believe that thats true. there must be
someone on the other side there, coming at this from the same place as
me, whats so horrible about us meeting? thats what this country is
about really, people are so open minded these days, so thats hard to
believe, i just think, i dont know, it seems like the world is just
mimicking the computer exactly, but its not whats in the computer its
whats on the other side, the computer is like the terms of the buddha,
just a raft, to reach the other side, enlightenment, to us
enlightenment, nirvana isn't so much an formless experience of
ecstatic bliss, because we feel like we've been there, but being able
to share that with someone in a real way, and thus help and be helped
to go beyond just that, even in the physical world, without
compromising who we are, or assumptions about who we are being made,
based on things that are not us.

recently we put out a call on craigslist to the buddhist community,
any other buddhists wanting friendship to meditate together, and
discuss the dharma, this was a good idea, we also offered to the two
buddhas in this community, which we did not notice at first. We have
faith in them, Avalokitesvara and Kuan Yin having had some very deep
experiences prior with buddhism meditation and yoga, and understand
things are not always what they seem. we trust we will find what is
right for us, we will be okay in this life, we are very fortunate in
some ways, but it does not nurture the full self, yet we are unsure of
where to go without true friends.
Buddhism is not just isolation, in wantism we explore the buddhism as
a positivist flowering of the lucid spirit of life, rather than
constant denying of perception, though that is an important step, we
must also return with compassion to make the world brilliant with
love, not forsake it, for what is the difference between the
experience of the world and experience of enlightenment? When they
dance together in total harmony, then we will be fulfilled.

We are not the most graceful, and its always a bit strange, but we
believe it is possible, we have seen the spirits of Wanti we know it
is a real realm that can manifest in some form even on earth, even if
it is not under that name, an open place, not a place of dogma, but of
mystical self found truth pouring through melding with others and
growing together, that is the true magic. Our luck starting out has
been in some ways been, some good, we are definitely rooted in a
secure existence at the lowest level, I guess, and in some sense it
seems to mean we are respected as spiritualists, but now is for the
small details of really giving this forest of our lives, true life...
or moreso allowing life to come in, of a true and authentic spirit.

Every day we offer love to the universe, we chant the OM, and root
ourselves in the conversative auras of the plants trees, and spirit of
the planet, and we forgive those and see them anew, who are already
around us, because they do surprise us, and have many good qualities
within them, even though ultimately we know, they are probably not the
ones we are seeking, we have seen reincarnation at work already and
perhaps it is to come further down the line.

and yeah, i dont really want it to be a like a huge thing, like a cult
or anything, idunno i just started using the term, i thought i had a
good spirit and added some interesting stuff so why not? i dont think
i could handle being some huge leader, thats not really my goal, just
you know, doing something different, in the TAO!! (whatever that means :hug:

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Re: meeting other people(a gnostic positivist buddhist intro)

Post by James the Giant » Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:37 am

Welcome! What country are you from?
Have you got any interesting theories on how to get enlightened?
I'd love to hear them!
saturated with joy,
you will put an end to suffering and stress.
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