@ Viscid « Fri 9:10 pm »
Anyone here?
@ rightviewftw « Sun 5:33 pm »
i figured that much, either way good fortune to him
@ DNS « Sat 3:40 pm »
As I mentioned in those threads about forum governance, people come and go for a variety of reasons. There are lots of in-person real life issues people need to take care of (family, work, school, etc) from time to time. I don’t want to speak for him, but can assure you it is merely real-life priorities, nothing against DW.
@ rightviewftw « Sat 12:15 pm »
what happened to Bodom btw
@ DNS « Fri 3:44 am »
Each forum has it’s own specific focus. DWE is "Engaged Buddhism forum, a nonsectarian community discussing the application of the Dharma to social and environmental issues."
@ LuisR « Fri 1:54 am »
Why is better suited for that forum?
@ DNS « Fri 1:50 am »
Those topics are better suited for: https://dharmawheel.org/
@ LuisR « Fri 12:21 am »
I didnt realize it was worng for buddhist to speak out against racism
@ LuisR « Fri 12:16 am »
Wow I am so disapointed
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:27 am »
It is, and it seems more likely one would receive sustaining, beneficial support and sympathy from fellow buddhists. Professionals are fine too, it doesn’t speak very faithfully of the forum that one couldn’t be open about something so serious
@ DNS « Thu 4:25 am »
It’s a matter of life and death, literally.
@ DNS « Thu 4:25 am »
What if they didn’t?
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:25 am »
What if someone gave good (dhammic) advice?
@ DNS « Thu 4:24 am »
People with those expressions should seek professional help or at the very least contact a suicide hotline immediately. Getting advice from random people on the internet is not the best place for advice and someone might say (write) something that might just push them over the edge.
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:24 am »
That is what I said
@ DNS « Thu 4:23 am »
salayatananirodha wrote: OK, so why are expressions of intent to do self-harm or suicide not permitted under the terms of service?
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 6:47 am »
OK, so why are expressions of intent to do self-harm or suicide not permitted under the terms of service?
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 6:47 am »
@ diamind « Thu 6:08 am »
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 5:15 am »
good morning, namo buddhay
@ diamind « Mon 1:23 pm »
@ pismak « Tue 3:50 am »
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:40 pm »
if creating a thread about his views is deemed ad-hominem then any critique of any view should be deemed as a breach of 2.g Attacks against the Buddha, Dhamma, or Sangha
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:35 pm »
stop creating a safespace for heresy
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:33 pm »
close nyanananda thread
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:33 pm »
close waharaka thread then
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:32 pm »
but you still delete it
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:32 pm »
does not breach ToS
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:31 pm »
fascinating af, why can’t i make a thread?
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:31 pm »
not beliving in rebirth, nibbana at mind sense base, devas being upper class humans
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:30 pm »
i am fascinated by his doctrine why can’t i make a thread discussing his teachings?
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:29 pm »
ok to discuss Waharakara but not Doot?
@ salayatananirodha « Sat 6:07 am »
Mossy pond, push aside the moss and scoop out the water, if you are thirsty
@ rightviewftw « Fri 2:15 am »
because that is all that new members see
@ rightviewftw « Fri 2:15 am »
and as long as you have red and green letters and post counts you can’t claim to have no differential signs
@ rightviewftw « Fri 2:13 am »
suggestions declined, problems remain... all good on dw
@ rightviewftw « Sun 11:00 pm »
just send a pm to a moderator, i usually send to whoever is online
@ aspiring_sotapanna « Sat 2:41 pm »
How do I ask a moderator to edit my post from long back. I cannot edit it.
@ salayatananirodha « Wed 3:52 am »
(2) On the soles of his feet are wheels with a thousand spokes, complete with felloe and hub. (3) He has projecting heels. (4) He has long fingers and toes.942 (5) He has soft and tender hands and feet. (6) His hands and feet are net-like.943 (7) He has high-raised ankles.944 (8) His legs are like an antelope’s.
@ Piyatissa « Tue 10:52 am »
Can anybody tell me the signs or the marks of the palm of Lord Buddha
@ salayatananirodha « Sun 6:29 am »
Hope everyone is doing well
@ rightviewftw « Thu 10:26 am »
i don't even... bye bye
@ salayatananirodha « Sun 3:06 am »
@ salayatananirodha « Sat 7:17 am »
let’s not be complacent with existence, just a general notice
@ salayatananirodha « Fri 6:40 am »
Ryuko, can you find a facility that can keep up with the demands of your ex-wife?
@ salayatananirodha « Fri 6:39 am »
"Bhikkhus, how do you conceive it: is form permanent or impermanent?" — "Impermanent, venerable Sir." — "Now is what is impermanent painful or pleasant?" — "Painful, venerable Sir." — "Now is what is impermanent, what is painful since subject to change, fit to be regarded thus: ’This is mine, this is I, this is my self’"? — "No, venerable sir." (anatta-lakkhana sutta)
@ rightviewftw « Wed 9:00 pm »
"..Those who are less than noble fall - on their heads when path gets rough. But for nobles the path is smooth, for nobles smooth out what is rough!"
@ budo « Wed 1:59 pm »
we cannot maintain/manage things to our satisifcation (anicca), this makes us unsatisfied (dukkha), and therfore we are helpless (anatta)
@ budo « Wed 1:59 pm »
anicca leads to dukkha therefore anatta
@ budo « Wed 1:58 pm »
i just read a new translation of the three charcteristics that i like better
@ rightviewftw « Sun 11:16 pm »
Does anybody know what the abbreviations "MS" and "VRI" stand for in the Mahasi Sayadaw's Notes section of the Manual of Insight?
@ rightviewftw « Wed 11:50 pm »
my first thought is that your sons should be helping you, they are more indebted to her than you are. Taking care of the sick is good, afaik the Tathagata said that he who would nurse him should nurse the sick.
@ Ryuko34 « Wed 6:31 pm »
I am living with ex wife who is seriously mentally ill and who will never get better. I returned to relieve my grown sons of this burden so that they may have a life. I am a Buddhist member of a Dharma Teaching group Sanga- I work with At Risk kids GangMembers . She is a tremendous burden on and off meds falls through all the safety nets ! If I left she’d be eating out of garbage cans and acting like a werewolf - melts down . How do I continue , when there are no real options .. My practice sustains me but I still feel depleated she’s so very angry and sad all of the time?!.... Any suggestions how my Buddhist Oractice can help me further?!
@ Ryuko34 « Wed 6:24 pm »
I am a Buddhist member of Dharma Treaching Order Non Ordained I live with my exwife who is mentally ill. I returned to care for her , rather than have the burden plCed upon my three grown sons. She will never recover SPMI. How do I cope as a Buddhist to the enormous pain stress and emotional turmoil I’m subjected too 24 hrs a day?!... My practice sustains me . But I still break down . My Sanga my mentor have no answers nor my Drs.. A hobsean choice . I can’t go she falls between all the cracks
@ Dhammarakkhito « Sun 2:40 am »
i would like to stop making storylines when worry or doubt arises
@ Dhammarakkhito « Thu 6:09 am »
it would be nice if the chat started at the most recent messages...

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