@ salayatananirodha « Sun 5:32 am »
i cant do anything it feels like
@ Chanh Dao « Sat 6:13 am »
Conscious sleep is very well known in Monastic orders. Regardless of region or tradition.
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 2:56 am »
@ fornoxe « Fri 3:50 pm »
Hello. Someone have link for tripitaka in English please? Please send link to metta@protonmail.com thank you
@ Coëmgenu « Thu 12:04 am »
Deleted comment
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 12:21 am »
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 12:19 am »
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:25 pm »
apparently that is ok but if you say "f***" then you get banned for a few weeks
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:22 pm »
if that is not proselytizing then i don’t know what is
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:21 pm »
he holds that "Nibbana is the soul of a being and takes up another body after death" he spams this view every chance he gets and everyone who disagrees is a "annihilationist"
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:17 pm »
just saying
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:16 pm »
he has been doing it for years
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:16 pm »
Taoism is not Buddhism
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:16 pm »
against ToS
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:16 pm »
3 i. Proselytizing or evangelizing other spiritual paths
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:14 pm »
he is not even hiding it
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:14 pm »
are you going to do anything about that?
@ rightviewftw « Sat 4:14 pm »
Taoist is evangelizing the forum
@ rightviewftw « Fri 10:25 pm »
what are they some bots or something
@ rightviewftw « Fri 10:24 pm »
people ignoring refutations is really discouraging
@ rightviewftw « Fri 11:06 am »
@ rightviewftw « Fri 11:05 am »
i've made it to the letter #57 and i am very skeptical to this "conscious sleep" to say the least
@ DNS « Fri 12:14 am »
budo wrote: and interesting to note she went from non-noble to anagami in 7 years
Who is "she"?
@ budo « Thu 2:54 pm »
and interesting to note she went from non-noble to anagami in 7 years
@ budo « Thu 2:53 pm »
She attains anagami at page 50 I believe
@ budo « Thu 2:52 pm »
sounds good!
@ rightviewftw « Thu 7:21 am »
as far as i know Ven. Ananda and Ven. Maha Kassapa both recited thousands of discourses at the first council. I don’t know about the compilation of nikayas. Btw i’ve read some of those letters and will let you know if i ever get to finish it
@ budo « Sun 2:17 pm »
Is it true that each monk was responsible for a nikaya? Who was responsible for AN?
@ budo « Sun 2:16 pm »
I really like the simplicty of it
@ budo « Sun 2:16 pm »
I’m reading Anguttara Nikaya from beginning till the end
@ rightviewftw « Sat 5:40 am »
what a journey.. who would have thought
@ budo « Fri 9:40 am »
wow, a chat with people in it :D usually no one is here
@ rightviewftw « Fri 1:35 am »
looking forward to retrofuturist telling us what is "definitive" Theravada.
@ rightviewftw « Fri 1:31 am »
"If you’re a more experience member of this forum, who would still like to hear the "definitive" Theravāda perspective on certain matters, I recommend starting a topic in the Classical Theravāda section."
Id put more emphasise on the quotation marks over the definitive, because Classical Theravada includes commentary, sub commentary and sub-sub commentary and any other commentary which often contradict eachother... Therefore i guess the quotations marks were probably meant to signify irony.
@ rightviewftw « Fri 1:25 am »
Discovering Theravāda forum has been renamed Theravāda for Beginners; Finally moderators will be ruling on what is and what is not orthodoxy? "Regular members, who will find less of their contributions subject to moderator approval (by virtue of more topics occurring outside the TFB section) " - Will you censor heresy? will you censor things you don't agree with? will you just censor things you do not understand? Will you censor what is not universally agreed upon? Will you censor what is not agreed upon by majority? Will you censor on a whim?
@ rightviewftw « Wed 4:28 am »
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 5:42 am »
very few
@ Viscid « Fri 9:10 pm »
Anyone here?
@ rightviewftw « Sun 5:33 pm »
i figured that much, either way good fortune to him
@ DNS « Sat 3:40 pm »
As I mentioned in those threads about forum governance, people come and go for a variety of reasons. There are lots of in-person real life issues people need to take care of (family, work, school, etc) from time to time. I don’t want to speak for him, but can assure you it is merely real-life priorities, nothing against DW.
@ rightviewftw « Sat 12:15 pm »
what happened to Bodom btw
@ DNS « Fri 3:44 am »
Each forum has it’s own specific focus. DWE is "Engaged Buddhism forum, a nonsectarian community discussing the application of the Dharma to social and environmental issues."
@ LuisR « Fri 1:54 am »
Why is better suited for that forum?
@ DNS « Fri 1:50 am »
Those topics are better suited for: https://dharmawheel.org/
@ LuisR « Fri 12:21 am »
I didnt realize it was worng for buddhist to speak out against racism
@ LuisR « Fri 12:16 am »
Wow I am so disapointed
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:27 am »
It is, and it seems more likely one would receive sustaining, beneficial support and sympathy from fellow buddhists. Professionals are fine too, it doesn’t speak very faithfully of the forum that one couldn’t be open about something so serious
@ DNS « Thu 4:25 am »
It’s a matter of life and death, literally.
@ DNS « Thu 4:25 am »
What if they didn’t?
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:25 am »
What if someone gave good (dhammic) advice?
@ DNS « Thu 4:24 am »
People with those expressions should seek professional help or at the very least contact a suicide hotline immediately. Getting advice from random people on the internet is not the best place for advice and someone might say (write) something that might just push them over the edge.
@ salayatananirodha « Thu 4:24 am »
That is what I said
@ DNS « Thu 4:23 am »
salayatananirodha wrote: OK, so why are expressions of intent to do self-harm or suicide not permitted under the terms of service?
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 6:47 am »
OK, so why are expressions of intent to do self-harm or suicide not permitted under the terms of service?
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 6:47 am »
@ diamind « Thu 6:08 am »
@ salayatananirodha « Tue 5:15 am »
good morning, namo buddhay
@ diamind « Mon 1:23 pm »
@ pismak « Tue 3:50 am »
@ rightviewftw « Sat 3:40 pm »
if creating a thread about his views is deemed ad-hominem then any critique of any view should be deemed as a breach of 2.g Attacks against the Buddha, Dhamma, or Sangha

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