How common is stream entry?

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Re: How common is stream entry?

Postby Mr Man » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:55 pm

Zom wrote:
I'm not sure if the drive for reproduction is purely psychological. There are also physiological aspects to it.

It is. Buddhas and arahants do not have it. So it is a question of a defiled mind. But, of course, mind acts in this world with the help of the body, it is strongly tied with the body, and so, defilements manifest through body.

Neither do people who have been chemically castrated. It also naturally wanes over time.
With regard to the sutta that you have linked to. That is a teaching given to a specific group of monastic's at a specific occasion. I wouldn't take it to be the final word that "sexual desire is the strongest of all sensual desires".

Well, 95% of all suttas are given to monks. But that does not mean that this truth is applied to monks only..
Yes but it also doesn't mean that that it is necessarily appropriate reflection for all people in all scenarios at all times.
Anyway, you can also consider this - different people have different interests and pursue different sensual pleasures. But sexual desire is common for all of them. This is the "base" desire. And certainly it is very powerful.
Is it common for all? I'm not sure. Maybe to some degree. But also maybe it can be overstated. Ideas develop like "progress cannot be made because I am so full of lust". We make small things into big ones and miss what is right in front of us.
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Re: How common is stream entry?

Postby danieLion » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:12 pm

The chapters by Luang Por Pasanno in The Island are all about stream entry.
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