Health benefits of a wholefoods plant-based diet

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Re: Health benefits of a wholefoods plant-based diet

Postby Ben » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:21 am

Hi David,
David N. Snyder wrote:Yes, you can even feel the difference between milk-chocolate and dark-chocolate. I can almost feel it going right to my skin, producing too much oil when I ate milk-chocolate. I eliminated milk-chocolate from my diet years ago and glad I did so.

I actually take a tea-spoon of 100% cocoa powder and sprinkle it into about 100g of mixed raspberries and blueberries and put it in the microwave until warm and semi-liquid and eat it with about 50g of chopped pecans. The tartness of the berries is well balanced against the bitterness of the chocolate and there is just enough sweetness to take the edge off both. Very healthy and satisfying.
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