Making good use of your lunch hour

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Making good use of your lunch hour

Postby Kim OHara » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:29 am

I'm ashamed to say I have never even thought of doing this:
High fliers bail out of city restaurant

Four base jumpers have made a surprise exit from a noted high-rise Melbourne restaurant.
The four, dressed in business suits, abandoned their drinks and donned their parachutes before leaping over a balcony at the Vue de Monde restaurant on the 55th level of the Rialto building in the city.
The owner of the restaurant, Shannon Bennett, has told Fairfax Radio the stunt was well planned.
"They were in suits, looked really professional," he said.
"They had parachutes hidden under their jackets. They had helmets with cameras on and it was very well executed from them.
"They knew what they were doing. They just jumped off and they landed safely [and went] to a waiting car."
Mr Bennett says he is worried about the safety of his guests and will review security procedures.
"We've got some really important safety measures that we've always had in place and I'm very confident that with a few upgrades that this can't be done again," he said.
Witnesses were shocked by the sight.
Nick Peterson was kayaking down the Yarra River when the four men jumped.
"From when they jump at the top to when they deploy their chutes it might only be one-and-a-half, two seconds maybe not even that," he said.
"The parachutes opened properly, they slowed up, and they were hitting the ground and running away as quickly as they can."

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Re: Making good use of your lunch hour

Postby Ben » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:57 am

You better get cracking, Kim.
Also, I hear that Bear Grylls has been sacked by Discovery Channel.
I think there's a career opportunity there for you!
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Re: Making good use of your lunch hour

Postby cooran » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:31 am

And, from the thread title, I thought there was going to be a recommendation for doing Meditation. :jumping:

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