How Do Near Death Experiences Fit Into Buddhism?

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How Do Near Death Experiences Fit Into Buddhism?

Postby AgeOfEden » Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:26 am

I know there is a belief in reincarnation in buddhism. I've also read that some people who have had those experiences learn to meditate to return to that feeling same realm in a sense. But on the other coin I've read that experiences like that are distractions and to bypass them like you would a thought?

There's actually a huge archive of these experiences here:

Here are a few examples of these Near Death Experiences:

phpBB [video]

This one seems to fit a tibetan book of the dead like story.

phpBB [video]

One from a war vet in 1971

phpBB [video]

I'm curious if anyone has had experiences like these through their meditations and if you'd like to share them.

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