Nirvana & investigation

Where members are free to take ideas from the Theravāda Canon out of the Theravāda framework. Here you can question rebirth, kamma (and other contentious issues) as well as examine Theravāda's connection to other paths
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Nirvana & investigation

Postby Ryuejaku » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:54 am

Has anyone attained Nirvana here ?

Im asking this question coz it seems a lot of posts etc seem to be not of the main goal. a simple yes or no.

Forum = investigation into buddism.

Lets Investigate Nirvana a bit.

no more rebirth, not samsara bound but attained in samsara.

looking at that. excessively trying to purify karma and any other samsaric things would be most part frivilous.

know what i find this amusing, im sitting here doing my best not to break any rules even looking into wat meta discussion is.
i aint trying to troll, spam nor waste peps time with spam etc. otherwise i wooda looked for a spam or some sorta casual chat area etc.

If this thread still dont meet the rules, i kindly ask for my account to be deleted if that happens best regards gl on everyones Conquest.
50-70 more not bad in no rush

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